Purpose-Built for IT Transformation

Responding to Today’s IT Challenges

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Helping federal agencies translate their health services visions into reality.

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Cloud and Hosting

Helping clients prepare and migrate to massively scalable environments.

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Flexible. Scalable. Effective.

Using Agile methodologies to increase speed to value of application development.

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Better Insights. Better Actions. Better Outcomes.

Unlocking data to drive maximum mission value.

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Continuous Flexibility. Enduring Mission Impact.

Providing situational awareness and communications for immediate, intelligent decision making in austere overseas combat or mission-critical infrastructure environments.

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Define. Defend. Defeat.

Cyber security innovations that enable achieving your business goals.

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Scientifically Assured Mission Impact

Sustaining, enhancing, modernizing, and transforming mission-essential solutions.

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Information Access. Anywhere. Any Device.

Securely enabling today’s mobile workforce.

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Dedicated to the Performance and Improvement of the Individual

Teaming with U.S. and foreign military and industry personnel to bridge the gap between curriculum development and workforce training.

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Agile and User Experience–Powering Successful Software Development

Improve software project success, increase security and eliminate rework by incorporating User Experience analysis and design into your application development.

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Salient CRGT Awarded

The School of Language Studies (SLS) at the U.S. Department of State’s (DOS) Foreign Service Institute (FSI)

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We have a deep understanding of the technology challenges our customers face. Salient CRGT is strategically positioned to help them address those emerging issues right now.
Brad Antle, CEO


Are optimized to respond to today’s IT challenges to create positive impact on your mission with scalable and timely solutions, leverage of existing IT investments and exceptional talent. ►Learn More

Innovation Centers

Bringing forward leaning expertise in today’s hotbed of information technologies and constantly infusing them across our organization to enhance service offerings to our customers.

Agile In a culture where stakeholder satisfaction often means innovative delivery for less, an Agile philosophy is critical to customers’ futures. ►Learn More

Cyber Security is a critical, central component of any digital solution—we provide industry-leading solutions, including identifying and mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats related to IPv6 transition with our Assure6iTM platform. ►Learn More

Thought leaders anticipating changing market needs and strategically driving Salient CRGT’s information technology innovations and services to gain competitive advantage and increase enterprise.

Data Analytics All organizations are challenged by the increasing volume, variety, velocity, and complexity of their data and must make more effective use of that data for faster, better results. ►Learn More

Mobility We lead the development of mobile enabled strategies and solutions that help our customers improve the effectiveness and capability of their increasingly mobile “always on” workforce. Learn More

Distinctive Solutions

Distinctive solutions optimized to support our capabilities

Talent Operations Centers: Utilizes predictive analytics, social media, traditional, and out-of-the-box sourcing to target top talent. Cultivates over 650,000 prescreened and ready-to-commit candidates. ►Learn More

Performance DiagnosticTM: Scientifically-assured screening taking into account both soft and technical skills to determine best cultural fit into your organization. ►Learn More

Program Management Control Center: Virtual command center for managing our resources and overall contract management. This redefines the contractor-government interface with total visibility into all program details. ►Learn More

Business Intelligence Guide: A library of tools developed on best industry practices and our hands-on experience. ►Learn More

Assure6iTM: The industry’s first proven, end-to-end IPv6 intrusion, detection, and prevention tool. ►Learn More

VoyagerTM: An app generating machine, used for carrying agency missions to the edge for government employees’ mobile devices. ►Learn More

UX Scorecard: This scalable model works seamlessly with Agile development, making the application  easy to use, easy to learn, more efficient, and enjoyable to use. ►Learn More

About Salient CRGT

Our solutions are optimized to respond to today’s IT challenges, to create positive impact on your mission with scalable and timely solutions, and to leverage your existing IT investments and exceptional talent. ►Learn More

Grow Your Career

As our business grows, great opportunities are just a click away for our current employees and our soon-to-be employees.
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