To strengthen our value to our customers, our partnerships provide support, advanced product releases, partner-only knowledge repositories, training programs, and roadmap information.

Salient CRGT has long-established technology alliances with leading industry partners. These relationships allow us to maintain our knowledge base and improve our ability to provide innovation to our customers. We deliver value to our customers through these platforms and tools, while at the same time focusing on our customers’ objectives.

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AgileCraft AgileCraft

The AgileCraft software product aligns businesses investment needs with the best people and technology to efficiently deliver solutions. While governing and aligning Agile teams to a vision, they can create a predictable schedule. Salient CRGT’s partnership with AgileCraft makes it easier for organizations to have visibility, where all team members and executives can align and predict with confidence when complex features will be ready for production months before traditional tools would allow.

Learn more at AgileCraft.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications.

Learn more at AWS Partner Network.


DataStax powered by Apache Cassandra™, delivers a database platform purpose built for the performance and availability demands of IOT, Web and Mobile applications. While relational databases fail under modern and dynamic workloads, high-volume data and new business requirements, Cassandra’s modern architecture makes it massively scalable, always available and easy to deploy. DataStax delivers a production version of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and the ecosystem to make the vision behind Cassandra a reality.

Learn more at DataStax.

HP® Alliance 

HP is the world’s largest technology company. It simplifies the technology experience for consumers and businesses with a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure. Salient CRGT integrates HP products into solutions that meet our customers’ IT and business needs. Our support spans the HP product line including:

  • Hardware and Cloud: Visit our HP solutions center for information on servers, workstations and peripherals as well as cloud and mobile computing solutions
  • Enterprise Software: IT infrastructure management and business productivity tools

Learn more at HP partners.

IBM® Alliance 

IBM is a global leader in information technology with a number of lines of business. The IBM Software Group, with which Salient CRGT is partnered, is comprised of five separate brands which address a vast array of client’s software needs. The brands are Rational, Information Management, Tivoli, Websphere, and Lotus. Salient CRGT is a Premier IBM Business Partner with more Rational certifications than any partner in the US. We are both a reseller and a services partner. We focus on delivering complete solutions to our customers. Focusing on Agile Development Practices, Salient CRGT helps organizations achieve higher and faster ROI through player-coaching and leveraging IBM technologies.

Learn more at IBM PartnerWorld.

ITA Founding Partners

Recognizing the value of networking and the strength that comes with numbers, the ITA is pleased to have joined together with our Founding Partners to benefit the industry. Together, we will focus on: Research – ITA will leverage the knowledge of all partners to help explain the impact technology has on the day-to-day operation of insurers and help IT leaders gain a better understanding of the needs of industry professionals. Content – Along with input from membership and our advisory board, the Founding Partners will help determine the focus of ITA’s articles, web content and live events. Expansion – Collaboration with our partners is essential to help us expand our knowledge base and discover where the insurance industry needs to concentrate on their technology needs. Synergies – The ITA leverages synergies from our partners to help insurers share knowledge and plan for their future technology needs.

Learn more at ITA Founding Partners.

MicroPact® Alliance 

MicroPact’s entellitrak is a Unified BPM platform that takes a Data-First™ approach to Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Management and is available with fully integrated Document Management, Natural Language Analytics, and Mobile Modules. Whether based on-premises or in the cloud, entellitrak can be implemented immediately and configured continuously, enabling customers to get to work quickly while keeping costs low. More than 200 federal agencies and organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies entrust their critical operations to entellitrak.

Learn more at MicroPact.

Microsoft® Alliance

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Salient CRGT has decades of experience delivering innovative solutions on Microsoft platforms. This experience earns us designation as a Gold Certified Partner — reflecting the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and the closest working relationship with Microsoft.

Learn more at Microsoft Partnership.

Microstrategy microstrategy

MicroStrategy, Inc. is a provider of business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services. The company is based in the Washington, D.C. area, and serves companies and organizations worldwide. MicroStrategy develops software that enables organizations to analyze internal and external data in order to make business decisions and to develop mobile apps. Its software can be deployed in companies’ data centers, or as cloud services. The company’s software performs analytics on a variety of data and sources in order to inform business decisions.

Learn more at MicroStrategy.

Motorola Alliance motorola-logo

Motorola is a premier provider of communications solutions to government and public safety organizations. Salient CRGT and Motorola provide a range of solutions to Public Safety and Homeland Security personnel. Local law enforcement agencies use Motorola Symbol devices with Salient CRGT Voyager software and integrated electronic citation capability to provide automated ticketing solutions. Federal Homeland Security personnel have deployed GPS tracking of assets via Motorola Digital P25 handheld radios in real-time common operating picture environments with the Salient CRGT Voyager Proteus solution.

Learn more at Motorola.

NletsNlets Strategic Partner Logo

Nlets is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement-, criminal justice-, and public safety-related information. To accomplish this, the Nlets system provides unrivalled reliability based on a network built to endure threats without impacting performance.

Nlets, is a private not for profit corporation owned by the States that was created over 45 years ago by the 50 state law enforcement agencies. The user population is made up of all of the United States and its territories, all Federal agencies with a justice component, selected international agencies, and a variety of strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community-cooperatively exchanging data.

Learn more at Nlets.


From data center operations to cloud applications, Oracle not only eliminates the complexity that stifles business innovation, but also engineers in speed, reliability, security, and manageability. Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based and on-premises solutions give customers complete deployment flexibility and unmatched benefits including application integration, advanced security, high availability, scalability, energy efficiency, powerful performance, and low total cost of ownership.

Whether customers require a fully integrated stack or a modular solution, Oracle’s open architecture and multiple operating system options (Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, and more) provide unrivaled choice and flexibility for all deployment scenarios, including hybrid clouds.

Learn more at Oracle.


SAP AG is a global leader in enterprise software and software-related services and has a 40-year history of innovation. SAP’s technology empower people with easier access to the business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. SAP’s BI platform and software can boost an organization’s collective capabilities by giving all users the information necessary to drive smarter processes, improve performance, and become more effective in their work.

Learn more at SAP.

Scaled Agile Framework ® (SAFe®)

Implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. The framework emphasizes the responsibilities of individuals and teams; and identifies the applicable activities and artifacts necessary to scale agile from the team, to teams of teams, to the enterprise level. SAFe has been successfully applied in programs ranging from 50-100 people, to enterprises employing thousands of software developers. This partnership will enable Salient CRGT and SAFe to strategically support customers who need to undertake large-scale Agile transformations successfully, and result in leaner, more cost effective Information Technology organizations.

Learn more at Scaled Agile.


ServiceNow is changing the way people work. By placing a service-oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up day-to-day work life, ServiceNow helps the modern enterprise operate faster and be more scalable than ever before. As the enterprise cloud company, ServiceNow provides a service model that defines, structures and automates the flow of work, removing email and spreadsheets from the process to streamline the delivery of services.

Learn more at ServiceNow.


Splunk was founded to pursue a disruptive new vision: make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. Machine data is one of the fastest growing and most pervasive segments of “Big Data”—generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and all the sensors and RFID assets that produce data every second of every day. By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity and call records—and more—Splunk turns machine data into valuable information. This notion is referred to as Operational Intelligence.

Learn more at Splunk.

Sprint™ Alliance 

Sprint provides government and commercial enterprises with wireless voice and data solutions to support mission critical operations. Salient CRGT and Sprint share dozens of joint customers that use the Voyager Secure Wireless Data Solution over the Sprint wireless network for access to wants, warrants and other criminal justice information. Agencies deploy the joint solution over a variety of wireless device types including laptops with Sprint aircards and SmartPhones including the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms.

Learn more at Sprint.

Tableau Software tableau

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Used by more than 15,000 customer accounts worldwide, Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence. Create visualizations and dashboards in minutes, then share in seconds.

Learn more at Tableau.

Trimble Public Safety

Trimble Public Safety provides best in class COTS electronic ticketing, citation, field reporting, voice and AVL/GPS solutions for increased law enforcement officer safety and improved operational efficiency. Salient CRGT and Trimble Public Safety deliver integrated mobile data, electronic ticketing and field based reporting solutions for large law enforcement agencies. Salient CRGT and Trimble Public Safety have deployed our Voyager Wireless Software and PocketCitation/QuickTicket integrated solutions to over 30 major U.S. agencies including Atlanta Police Department and Miami-Dade County Police Department.

Learn more at Trimble Public Safety.