Agile Development Centers

Salient CRGT’s Agile Development Centers provide consistency, transparency, advancement and cost-effective results for software development.

To support our customers, Salient CRGT has opened 5 Agile development Centers in the Washington, D.C. metro area.  These facilities have been built from the ground up to support Agile teams and software development.

Security is a primary focus.  All team members are cleared and are dedicated to a specific customer.  Networks and computer resources are reviewed are approved by customers.  Each team member’s environment is designed to mimic the customer’s environments to ensure compatibility of any work products.

The advantage our customers find in using the Agile Development Centers is that projects and tasks can flow from one team to another with greater ease and less disruption.  Our senior staff can be on hand to support all projects in the Center and it is a space that is leads to the kinds of agile and innovative solutions our customers demand.

For more information on our Agile capabilities and service offerings, please contact us.