Agile Development Teams

The Salient CRGT Agile approach is well-defined, repeatable, and scalable—including the very largest projects.

Core to successful Agile projects are competent, self-organizing, cross-functional, and invested teams. Many firms can provide project staff. Salient CRGT focuses our practice on delivering Agile excellence, and increasing opportunities for mission innovation. Whether we are staffing a role on a team or delivering a complete project team, Salient CRGT bring teams trained in the best Agile development methods and practices, with the tools to drive success.

Our Goal: Deploy Fully-functional, mission-enhancing Teams

Salient CRGT takes care to create or contribute to cross-functional teams consisting of multi-functional technical members skilled in modern application development software and DevOps practices, user experience design, story creation, test design and execution, security, configuration management, automated testing, and UX design. Salient CRGT places one UX practitioner on each Agile team to ensure high product usability across all supported applications.

Supported by our Innovation Centers, Agile teams from Salient CRGT are fluent in many approaches to Agile development and are trained to focus on value, quality and customer-defined outcomes. Our teams support all major software development languages, open-source development, COTs deployments and legacy code for O&M.

Our integrated teams work effectively together and optimize their processes to accurately predict delivery velocity. High-quality, rapid delivery is the shared goal. Salient CRGT teams apply their experience to identify barriers and provide innovative solutions, keeping delivery on track. Our delivered customer value on over 40 Agile projects for multiple federal agencies attests to our quality and commitment.

For more information on our Agile capabilities and service offerings, please contact us.