Agile Development

The Salient CRGT Agile approach is well-defined, repeatable, and scalable—including the very largest projects.

Case Study: Business Information System Improvement

The Challenge

A federal agency organizes its operations into three areas. The three areas use standalone business processes, disparate systems, and old technology. The operational areas had limited visibility of incurred costs for producing or procuring print materials, resulting in the agency falling short of its customer service objectives and metrics.

The Solution

The agency contracted with Salient CRGT to provide implementation and support services for their business information system (GBIS). GBIS is based upon Oracle’s E-Business Suite. We enhanced GBIS to enable business process integration across the agency’s business units and operational areas—leading to business process improvement across the agency.

We provided business process expertise in the procure-to-pay, jacket billing, and materials management process areas. We integrated the new E-Business Suite with the legacy mainframe systems and provided business process improvements, financial systems integration, and financial reporting to supplement core GBIS functionality. Our team assisted the agency in developing a user tailored reporting infrastructure capability that provides better visibility into the agency’s operational data and analytics for users at all levels of the organization.

The Impact

With our implementation of GBIS, the agency now has a standard GOTS system supporting the majority of its business operations. This initiative has allowed the agency to review and improve its end-to-end business process. Additionally, GBIS provides the agency with a standard way of implementing financial controls.

Newly available reports help users in the affected business areas access an up-to-date view of their respective activities, namely materials management, acquisitions, payables, disbursement, jacket billing (commercial and plant), and finance. Additionally, the reports provide a comprehensive view of the agency’s business operations for financial controllers and customer service personnel.

Ultimately, we developed a project-based costing and billing system that provides the agency with the ability to more accurately record costs of its plant and procured printing jobs, which results in timely and accurate billing and payment services for its customers and print vendors.