Agile Development

Generating significant cost savings through efficient fleet management services

Case Study: Fleet Management Automation

The Challenge

A federal agency has more than 200,000 vehicles of many different types, requiring fleet management services such as repairs, fueling, oil changes, and preventative maintenance. These fleet maintenance activities generate 175,000 weekly credit card transactions from 37 oil companies – payments for fuel, oil, and repairs. Invoice processing and reporting was slow because of complicated manual processing steps and introduced numerous errors. Additionally, this organization was losing millions of dollars by not recouping state taxes and identifying fraudulent charges.

The Solution

Using Agile development, Salient CRGT developed an enterprise-wide application that allows corporate users to:

  • Access and upload a weekly transaction file
  • Assign vehicle costs to the correct financial account
  • Automatically send payment authorizations to Accounts Payable
  • Provide senior managers with summary and detailed reports of the maintenance transactions for review or audit

Because of schedule constraints, Salient CRGT employed an Agile development methodology for this project. Salient CRGT worked closely with the agency to build the infrastructure architecture and application platform required for the entire system. We completed the Agile design, development, testing, and implementation phases for this new service within 60 days. The intuitive user interface requires little or no user training.

Salient CRGT designed a scalable fleet management system to accommodate future requirements. Our system design and web site architecture has included the anticipated growth in transaction volume across future years.

The Impact

The agency now receives prompt payment discounts, amounting to over $30 million in annual fuel taxes savings. Fraud and employee misuse can be quickly identified, and have been virtually eliminated. The agency no longer processes paper invoices, which generated numerous accounting errors.

The Industry Advisory Council’s eGov Shared Interest Group, in partnership with E-Gov and the Federal CIO Council, selected this Agile application system as a “Top 5” award winner within the Excellence.Gov Awards Program.