Agile Coaching and Training

Salient CRGT transitions organizations to Agile methods through coaching and training

Agility requires dedicated effort – and some help. Salient CRGT enables transitioning to Agile methods through coaching and training services that are customized to the specific organizational, schedule and capability needs of our agency customers.

  • Coaching
    We work with your leadership to identify the measurable outcomes and goals of your coaching engagement. The resulting roadmap is a customized guide to evolving your development organization to align with your business vision.
  • Player Coaching
    Ensure your customized process is adopted faster without negatively impacting schedules. We provide embedded Agile subject matter experts (SMEs) within your existing development teams to help them adopt your Agile organizational practices. This ‘inside-out’ coaching provides on-the-ground expertise when it is most needed.
  • Training
    We assist with your training needs. We enable your product owners, scrum masters and other Agileists to gain certification, continuing education credits, or just get oriented or refreshed so they can be more effective in their roles.

Key Metrics for Coaching

We are happy to demonstrate the value of our coaching. In the first week of an engagement, we will determine which metrics best suit your needs. Examples are:

  • Before and After Survey of Agile Familiarity
  • Team Velocity and Estimation Precision
  • Product Owner Confidence Survey
  • Executive Awareness Survey

For more information on our Agile capabilities and service offerings, please contact us.