Legacy System Modernization

Salient CRGT modernizes code – enabling rapid enhancements, maintenance and increased value for users.

Modernizing legacy systems is hard work. Mainframe, legacy customer server and silo’d systems are not well-suited for today’s demands for Agile, mobile and shared-service environments and the technological expectations of end users. Salient CRGT has a long history and deep partnerships that we use to create code transformation plans for our customers which deliver rapid and measurable mission value.

Our skill in user experience, API-centric application design, modern software languages, automated testing and Agile/DevOps delivery provides the basis for addressing legacy system modernization. Depending on customer needs and situations, we have deployed COTS products with extensions to effect modernization; we have redesigned systems using modern API’s and loosely coupled architectures; and we have refactored old code and systems into smaller more manageable modules.

To enable these transformations, we partner with leading experts to perform code analysis, code conversion and automated discovery.

Modernization is a journey that has many twists and turns. We focus on addressing the highest value opportunities first in the process. We ensure continuity of service and thorough testing throughout the effort. The result is lower maintenance cost, more flexibility for functional enhancements and freed-up resources to address other valuable business priorities.

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