Mass Notification Systems & Electronic Security Systems

The world is a challenging and dynamic place for warfighters; providing force protection, whether at home or deployed, is essential. Salient CRGT is a leading provider and integrator of security and anti-terrorism force protection systems. The mass notification and electronic security systems we design, integrate, and support provide timely warnings, reliable connectivity, and optimum situational awareness for commanders and decision makers worldwide.

Salient CRGT delivers essential anti-terrorism and force protection solutions. We design, build, integrate, and support world-class command and control (C2) systems. We are uniquely experienced and qualified in providing and integrating force protection and life safety systems for our federal customers.

It is a profound responsibility to design and install the Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) systems that protect our warfighters and their families. We consider the outstanding work we have done as the largest provider of mass notification systems (MNS) for the United States Marine Corps as a great honor and one of our proudest accomplishments.

Integration of Life Safety Systems

ATFP and life safety systems must work in order to keep our warfighters safe and ready to perform their duties. Effective integration with other systems and capabilities is essential, such as fire and intrusion detection systems and LMR/First Responder networks, just to name a few. Our broad expertise from the enterprise; command center; and hardware, software, and operator level contributes to our industry-leading capabilities in this regard.

We have designed, installed, and supported systems for every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Our integrated C2, MNS, and electronic security systems (ESS) solutions enable commanders and key decision makers to understand the threats they face, provide timely warnings, and deliver critical instructions to the forces under their control.

We Deliver

  • Design/build planning unique to mission and threat environment
  • Interoperability between numerous diverse systems
  • Enterprise, network and RF design experts
  • Rapid delivery, installation integration of C2, MNS, ESS, and AV systems
  • Scalable systems and services worldwide
  • Onsite support and training services
  • Mission critical 24/7 reliability, resilience, and operational readiness