Cyber Security

Salient CRGT provides end-to-end cyber security solutions, applying leading third-party tools along with our own products to resolve your most pressing cyber security challenges.

Forming Trusted Partnerships

Salient CRGT is a trusted partner of our customers, helping both government agencies and commercial enterprises protect critical systems and data. We believe the path toward achieving an acceptable security posture requires the collaborative efforts of public, private, and international communities.

With more than 20 years of cyber security experience with customers in the Department of Defense, national intelligence agencies, and commercial entities, we are extremely well-positioned to support your security program needs and protect your operations.

End-to-End Cyber Security Solutions

Our offerings include:

Cyber Security Subject Matter Experts
Our experts help organizations like yours gain an understanding of critical security risks and develop a practical security strategy and plan aligning people, processes, and technology to meet mission goals.

Cyber Security Professionals
We guard against rapidly changing threats, collect and analyze data, and investigate events and/or crimes, applying lessons learned to strengthen the security of critical systems and data.

We ensure your policy complies with cyber security regulations such as NIST, NERC CIP, FISMA, and other security policies and best practices. We create cyber security awareness programs that go beyond compliance to change behaviors.

Benefits for Our Customers

  • Improved overall security compliance with information security policies, procedures, standards, and checklists
  • Enhanced communications of rapidly changing threats
  • Aligned risk management framework
  • Mitigated pressing cyber security challenges through approaches designed by thought leaders
  • Reduced number and extent of information security breaches
  • Reduced systems’ costs by designing control measures into your systems, rather than adding to installed systems
  • Improved savings through coordination and measurement of security

Salient CRGT Products

The Assure6™ platform mitigates Advanced Persistent Threats related to an IPv6 transition.


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