Data Analytics


Data analytics empowers stakeholders to use organizational data to improve decision making, increase productivity, and realize significant cost savings.

Salient CRGT has successfully delivered over 450 data analytics projects across more than 30 federal agencies and Fortune 1000 companies. Our data analytics team shows our customers how to quickly harness data, which has an immediate positive impact on their missions. We can empower your organization by providing industry-leading thought leadership and expertise in the following areas:

  • Big Data and Analytics–We provide the capabilities to manage and analyze both unstructured and semi-structured content, using data science techniques like predictive analytics and distributed processing frameworks like Hadoop, integrated with traditional structured data sources thereby providing new insights from your organization’s data.
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence–We provide you the ability to efficiently present and share accurate, meaningful data for a given system or organization from a single, reliable source by combining data silos into logical structures and exposing them with compelling reports, dashboards, geospatial displays, and advanced data visualizations.
  • Data Management–We provide data governance, overall data management, and data quality services to ensure your data is accurate, complete, and timely.

Salient CRGT has proven data analytics expertise and tools to provide business users structured and unstructured data, to allow better analyses of existing and new data sources. Our approach has been refined through repetitive engagement of our subject matter expertise and Big Data technologies.

Additionally, our powerful pairing of data analytics with our proprietary HealthAccel™ approach provides go-to methodologies for jump-starting healthcare modernization, reducing costs, and delivering solutions to today’s crucial health issues. Learn more about our Health Analytics capabilities.

Business Intelligence Guide

Based upon that extensive experience, we developed a structured Business Intelligence (BI) methodology, which has been formalized into our Business Intelligence Guide.

Our Guide includes a library of more than 500 templates, worksheets, processes, tips, and sample documents, based upon industry best practices and our prior experience. Your organization can take advantage of this knowledge base to save time and avoid pitfalls when implementing a data analytics project.


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