Business Intelligence Guide

Data analytics empowers stakeholders to use organizational data to improve decision making, increase productivity, and realize significant cost savings.

The Business Intelligence (BI) Guide provides a flexible framework and approach for creating timely and effective business analytics. Based on our well-tested methodology, our Guide blends Salient CRGT’s Agile development approach with proven best practices and lessons learned from hundreds of successful data analytics implementations, providing the end user with three key advantages:

  • Quick time to deliver
  • User involvement and collaboration
  • Allowance of evolving requirements and priorities

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Guide includes a library of more than 500 templates, worksheets, processes, tips, and sample documents, based upon industry best practices and our prior experience. Your organization can take advantage of this knowledge base to save time and avoid pitfalls when implementing a data analytics project.

For more information about the Business Intelligence (BI) Guide, please contact us.