Data Analytics

Data analytics empowers stakeholders to use organizational data to improve decision making, increase productivity, and realize significant cost savings.

Case Study: Enabling Data Sharing, Collaboration, and Business Process Monitoring

The Challenge

A federal agency lacked the ability to provide an integrated view of the movement of materials across all modes of transportation. Each office within the agency maintained their own systems to manage and track the transportation of materials. This disparate approach was inefficient, ineffective, and extremely costly.

The Solution

Salient CRGT provided services for the development, maintenance, operation, and delivery of a portal which enables multiple Agency offices and partners to share data, collaborate, and monitor business processes while providing flexible and timely access to information.

Using a combination of technologies and tools, we developed a data warehouse, dashboards, reports, and applications. This portal solution consolidates and integrates more than four million multi-agency material transaction records, originating from 60 distinct data sources, into one data warehouse. This consolidation allows end users to access critical information through a single portal–providing a complete picture of material transportation across the country.

The Impact

Our solution delivers a holistic view of material-related activities from multiple modes of transportation, providing the first 360-degree view of transportation companies across all partner agencies. On a daily basis, the agency leverages the data warehouse to evaluate and rank 1.7 million facilities based on a formulated risk rating.

Agency investigators use the production application to plan field trips to facilitate completing four to five inspections a week in a consolidated geographical location, i.e., a defined area, for example a county or city. This capability optimizes scarce resources by enabling the agency to prioritize and target the greatest transportation risks.