Data Management

As organizations collect ever-increasing volumes of data, it is vital to understand which data is essential to success.

Data management is an organization function that includes the development and execution of data architectures, practices, and procedures for managing the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise. It addresses many organizational questions:

  • Who owns the data?
  • How should the data be stored and archived?
  • How should the data be organized, named, and distributed?
  • What is the data management plan, including data quality initiatives and tracking of changes to data?

Salient CRGT’s data management practices include mitigation of issues typically associated with poor data quality. These problems inhibit your organization’s ability to make informed business decisions. The ongoing collection and storage of data has a real cost that should be rationalized and managed, especially during an era of relentless fiscal pressure.

Our data management services, designed to help your organization benefit from the investment in its data, includes these data management activities:

  • Master Data Management (MDM)–Identify, define, and manage critical data to provide a single point of reference
  • Data Profiling and Data Quality–Identify poor data quality and introduce processes to increase the quality and integrity of your data
  • Metadata Management–Manage the data about your data
  • Data Governance–Rationalize and control your organization’s collection, storage, analyses and dissemination of its data