Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Why collect information if you don’t use it to make better business decisions?

Salient CRGT’s data warehousing and business intelligence services help organizations maximize the value of their data. Our data warehousing services bring together silos of data into one logical structure so you have an integrated view of your organizational data.

Salient CRGT provides services to help agencies assess, plan, and create:

  • Data warehouses
  • Data modeling
  • Data warehouse build-outs
  • Data integration

Business intelligence requires more than data. Our business analytics capabilities provide the software applications, tools, and skills your organization needs to support a management perspective that creates a deeper understanding of the status and direction of the organization’s operations. The results contribute to better asset management, resource allocation, planning, and strategy development. In other words, business analytics services can help your management team understand:

  • Historical Reporting–What has happened
  • Data Analysis–Why something is happening
  • Trend Analysis–What if current trends continue
  • Optimization–What is the best that can happen

Salient CRGT can help you create a self-service analytics platform that caters to executive, operations, and IT users, including:

  • Dashboards and visualization
  • Ad-hoc query and analysis
  • Enterprise reporting

Salient CRGT offers customers these capabilities, in an easy-to-use format, employed in a secure manner. Our well-tested methodology, defined in The Business Intelligence (BI) Guide, provides a framework and flexible approach for creating effective Business Analytics in a timely manner. This Guide blends Salient CRGT’s Agile development approach with proven best practices and lessons learned from hundreds of successful Data Analytics implementations to provide the end user with the following key advantages:

  • Quick time to deliver
  • User involvement and collaboration
  • Allowance of evolving requirements and priorities

To learn more about Salient CRGT’s data warehouse and business intelligence capabilities, read about how we assisted a federal agency in providing timely and detailed incident data to the public.