Geospatial Business Intelligence and Visual Business Intelligence

Salient CRGT helps our customers realize the benefits of greater operational insights through the combination of geospatial and organizational data.

The Benefits of Geospatial Data

More and more organizations are recognizing the benefits of and identifying the means of capturing and utilizing location data, which they are acquiring from internal operations and customer interactions. Unlocking the power of such data can provide an organization the ability to optimize performance and obtain a significant competitive advantages over competitors in a number of areas such as logistics and marketing. Incorporating the Agile development methodology enables rapid delivery and the ability to continuously refine how data is analyzed and presented within a geospatial application to meet changes in business requirements.

Salient CRGT’s Geospatial Business Intelligence/Visual Business Intelligence (GBI/VBI) practice, together with its innovative Agile practices, can help organizations with implementing geospatial applications, often by location-enabling an organization’s existing data so as to:

  • Unlock the full potential of existing corporate information in ways that the company may be unaware of, e.g., location information captured via sales or vehicle movement
  • Generate the insight to make more informed critical business decisions, e.g., potential geographic expansion
  • Utilize existing geospatial data that is freely available from a variety of sources and incorporating it with its own corporate analytics, e.g., weather or geographical information
  • Gain a competitive advantage by using the geospatial dimension to provide a more complete picture of operational and market behavior
  • Rapidly develop and refine geospatial applications to incorporate changing data and changing business needs

Salient CRGT’s GBI/VBI implementations enable our customers to leverage geospatial data from multiple sources to achieve greater gains in meeting corporate objectives. Geospatial information can be incorporated within reporting tools, applications, web services, and map viewers for use across the organization in more informed decision making.

The Big Picture: The Bottom Line

Salient CRGT helps our customers to leverage freely available and largely diverse spatial data, assisting them in realizing the benefits of combining this data with existing organizational data to achieve greater operational insights and benefits. Our GBI/VBI practice is much more than just plotting data points on a map and looking for obvious patterns. Our approach provides the analytical power to correlate meaning among events and to identify significant business trends across geographic areas. It is access to real-time, actionable information that an organization can use to enable strategic decision-making. It is also about the power to harness that information for competitive advantage by optimizing operations, minimizing costs, reducing risks, and identifying significant business opportunities.

As with all of Salient CRGT’s GBI/VBI implementations, we are able to reduce the financial and time investments necessary for an organization to start realizing the benefits of location-enabling its data. Built to its specific needs using our Agile development framework, we develop the solution so that the customer’s existing IT organization—not a separate group or a vendor with a specialty in GIS solutions—is able to maintain the system. Such an architecture enables additional capabilities as the agency’s business needs demand them. Our Agile approach enables these capabilities to be realized rapidly.