Utilizing DevOps principles enhances the full potential of Agile, ensuring maximum development and operational consistency, with fewer production errors.

DevOps CloudOrganizations of all sizes can benefit from Salient CRGT’s fully developed Agile framework, as well as our development and computer operations integration (DevOps) approach and capabilities. This ability to help customers eliminate development and infrastructure inconsistencies maximizes speed to delivery, increases the quality of the final product, allows rapid change within the development process, and provides end-to-end development and operational stability.

Salient CRGT has pioneered the use of Agile development practices for many of our federal customers, helping them to receive maximum business benefit from the rapid and iterative deployment of code with significantly fewer errors. To fully realize Agile’s potential, we have also defined and implemented our own innovative approaches to DevOps.

With minimal initial effort from your team, we can help your realize the combined benefits of Agile and DevOps. Our Agile Readiness Center, located in Tysons Corner, VA, supports our customers with trained development teams and the available operational horsepower to get an Agile project up and running quickly. Salient CRGT can rapidly migrate your existing development efforts to an Agile/DevOps framework, leveraging our Agile capabilities within your existing environment.

Agile and DevOps in Brief

DevOps is the close, continuous cooperation between the application development and computer operations groups throughout the entire planning, development, and deployment cycle. DevOps fully automates the end-to-end cycle of coding, testing, integration, security, and deployment, and incorporates two very important concepts:

  • Test Driven Development – Producing an automated test case for a specific outcome, then producing only enough code to be able to attain the outcome.
  • Continuous Deployment – Iteratively building, testing, and executing code so as to identify and fix any potential problems before deployment, moving these development stages “to the left” of the development process wherever possible.

Test driven development and continuous integration work together to increase the speed of iterative delivery and the quality of the deliverable. These capabilities use properly staged and uniformly configured infrastructural components to help reduce production errors.

Salient CRGT’s Approach

Salient CRGT provides out-of-the-box Agile and DevOps capabilities through our Agile Readiness Center. We also incorporate innovative approaches such as our Continuous Delivery Pipeline. This pipeline automates code all development iterations end-to-end, including testing, integration, and deployment. We integrate people, tools, and infrastructure to provide our customers with a complete development capability. You may incorporate these capabilities into your own environment, or obtain them initially by employing our Agile Readiness Center.

Contin Dev Pipeline 090116B

Our Agile Expertise

Salient CRGT delivers highly skilled and mature Agile teams through our team augmentation model within the Agile Readiness Center. This model provides skilled and experienced support personnel that help you avoid the risks of building and training teams from scratch. This approach helps reduce the possibility of incurring high technical debt as new teams struggle to estimate and plan sprints appropriately. It may also avoid issues caused by immature teams who do not have sufficient knowledge of the business environment or infrastructure, and initial architectural choices or solutions that do not fit your needs.

Our Agile Readiness Center approach incorporates trained and experienced Agile personnel so that we can rapidly initiate or augment Agile development teams for our customers. We supply, based upon need, the next available and qualified Agile development team personnel from our continually supplemented bench. When a given team completes its assignment, its personnel replenish other Agile teams as part of our Agile ecosystem.

Capability with a Wide Variety of Tool Sets

Salient CRGT DevOps automates iterative test, integration, and deployment for our customers. Each user story incorporated into an Agile sprint is matched with its own test cases and test scripts. We base our automated processes on open source tools; for example, we use Selenium for functional testing, and SonarQube to maintain persistent tracking of code coverage and code quality. Our development teams take personal responsibility to ensure high-quality code goes into production without issues.

CD ProductsSalient CRGT capabilities facilitate coordination of activities and communication between Agile teams. Within our Continuous Delivery Pipeline, we provide the means for test and deployment scripts to be catalogued and shared, and to track that each automated test is completed satisfactorily before moving on to the next step.

We build comprehensive DevOps approaches for customers through our expertise in required tools, languages, and utilities. The Agile Readiness Center develops, tracks, and validates the technical expertise of each Agile development team. We identify gaps between requested and actual team expertise and, as necessary, supplement the team with a Domain Expert from Salient CRGT or our subcontractors.

Computing Environment as a Service

So that you may begin an Agile project quickly, Salient CRGT can provide, on demand, an appropriate initial Agile and DevOps computing environment. We provide a robust DevOps environment as a service that you can access from your organization, or by using the capabilities of our Agile Readiness Center on site at Salient CRGT as an initial development and operations facility. We can rapidly provide development and testing environments using automated provisioning, and can deploy software to your environment in accordance with your own internal procedures and standards.