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Salient CRGT has developed and employs award-winning enterprise IT methods and processes that deliver transformative results to federal agencies, the Department of Defense, and commercial enterprises. Our repeatable, Agile-based approach mitigates risk with proven engineering methods, tools, and frameworks. Our approach drives value and measurable results aligned with our customers’ goals.

Case Study: Data Center and Facilities Management


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the Federal agency that grants U.S. patents and registers trademarks. Its mission is to foster innovation and competitiveness by providing high quality and timely examination of patent and trademark applications, guiding domestic and international intellectual property policy, and delivering intellectual property information and education worldwide.

To satisfy its mission and to meet the increasing number of patent and trademark applications, the USPTO leverages information technology (IT) resources through its two Data Centers in the Washington, D.C. area. In total, USPTO’s Data Centers house 168 accounting information systems (AIS) supported by over 5,000 IT devices including approximately 2,150 servers and 2.5 petabytes of data storage. These two Data Centers support 8,900 USPTO employees and provide comprehensive IT support and hardware infrastructure.

The Challenge

The USPTO awarded Salient CRGT a five-year Data Center Facilities Management contract to provide comprehensive IT support. Through this contract, Salient CRGT had several performance tasks, one to provide comprehensive management and support of hardware and software maintenance. USPTO’s previous management system for hardware/software maintenance was tedious and cumbersome. There were over 4,000 line items being tracked on over 20 separate spreadsheets with multiple tabs. No single repository to access support data existed in this system.

The Solution

Salient CRGT has been supporting USPTO since 2008, managing an infrastructure that stores over 3.4M patents, 1.8M trademarks, and processes more than 530,000 patents/415,000 trademarks annually. Salient CRGT provides comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) support for USPTO’s data center including:

  • Data load/maintenance support
  • Facilities management support
  • Comprehensive management and support of hardware and software maintenance
  • Storage administration support to include both SAN and NAS storage devices
  • Server and operating system administration on multiple platforms including UNIX, Linux, Windows and VMware
  • Support of the USPTO PBX phone system

We developed a customized propriety database for USPTO that allows them to organize and validate their inventory. Our system provides warranty tracking so they know when devices are coming out of warranty. We developed Enterprise Life Cycle management procedures and manage the life cycle of assets from warranty to surplus. In order to manage USPTO’s asset investments, we provide patch management and maintenance support, continuous monitoring and reporting of assets, and hardware/software maintenance and warranty added services using certified technicians. This system also provides USPTO management with budgetary guidance and hard-ware forecasting.

The Impact

The Salient CRGT solution saves over 40% off the USPTO hardware and software maintenance budget. The new management system allows USPTO to quickly and easily access application systems used in the performance of work processes. The custom-built, web-based database communicates directly with the customer when action is required or information is needed regarding hardware. It seamlessly integrates directly with USPTO’s Asset Management System allowing them to quickly meet customer, product and service needs.

Our solution provides quality performance through measurable hardware service level agreements (SLAs). We use a tiered approach prioritized by application to dictate our operational policies and procedures, with a focus on customer satisfaction and meeting established SLA requirements.

The ability of the USPTO to fulfill its mission depends on its underlying systems. Salient CRGT’s data maintenance, database administration, and storage administration ensures that data systems are fully functional and aligned to meet business needs.

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