Enterprise Service Desk

Salient CRGT has developed and employs award-winning enterprise IT methods and processes that deliver transformative results to federal agencies, the Department of Defense, and commercial enterprises. Our repeatable, Agile-based approach mitigates risk with proven engineering methods, tools, and frameworks. Our approach drives value and measurable results aligned with our customers’ goals.

Salient CRGT understands the critical role the enterprise service desk plays as the single point of contact between users and IT service management. It ensures that IT functions are not interrupted. We provide highly-qualified and knowledgeable IT professionals to ensure our customers’ critical IT services positively impact productivity. Our enterprise serve desk support all aspects of IT requirements across your infrastructure and applications. We focus on doing the job of providing high-value support to make sure you can do yours.

Root Cause Analysis and User Training

Our reputation has been built on our ability to rapidly solve issues at first contact and expertise in solving more complex concerns by uncovering the root causes and eliminating future problems. Our personnel talk with each caller and walk them through the issues, regardless of caller’s technical understanding. We are experts in bringing the discussion to each user’s comfort level. Our process of establishing this dialogue helps to identify the issue at hand. Our active listening and communication techniques provide a smooth experience for the customers, leading to more rapid issues resolution, and helping to uncover potential larger concerns.

We Deliver

  • A team of experts with exemplary customer services skills/training
  • Ability to ascertain the “root cause” rather than a temporary fix
  • Advanced earned value management (EVM) tracking capturing costs for incident management, hardware, productivity, and other costs
  • Increased efficiencies through analysis of metrics
  • Incident frequency analysis to more rapidly resolve common concerns and resolve larger root cause issues
  • High levels of service and continuous improvement through employee incentives based on evaluations and metrics
  • Employee mentoring as well as advanced technology and customer service education and training