Enterprise Service Management

Salient CRGT delivers proactive enterprise service management solutions, providing unsurpassed quality services to end users, leveraging your existing resources, and creating efficiencies across your enterprise. Our approach involves in-depth looks at specific individual needs and requirements so that we can deliver a customized, “best fit” approach. We take the time to deliver a personalized solution that will enhance efficiency and deliver results to meet your needs.

We provide customer-focused solutions that increase availability and reliability, achieve efficiencies and costs savings, and maximize visibility, control, and compliance. Our subject matter experts apply their extensive experience, and ITIL based and industry best practices and processes to deliver the highest levels of quality, a reliable operational framework, and rapid issue resolution for your organization.

Our focus is to provide you with a solution which will enable you to most effectively reach your goal of complete mission success. Our enterprise service management (ESM) solutions vastly improve your ability to deliver required outcomes and seamlessly serve your needs. We work diligently to achieve greater system maturity, allowing you to better perform your mission.

We Deliver

  • Clearly defined operations to align with performance metrics and reports
  • Service level agreements centralized and unified with automated performance reporting
  • Maximized resource allocation and utilization across the enterprise
  • Proactive critical process improvement
  • Maximum IT availability, reduced outages, improved end-user satisfaction
  • Integrated IT tools, performance tracking, monitoring, and reporting, as well as increased production and effectiveness in service delivery
  • Automation to help reduce transition, operations, and maintenance costs
  • Continuous evaluation, corrective actions, and improvement initiatives to maximize efficiencies and cost savings