Financial Management Services

Salient CRGT has developed and employs award-winning enterprise IT methods and processes that deliver transformative results to federal agencies, the Department of Defense, and commercial enterprises. Our repeatable, Agile-based approach mitigates risk with proven engineering methods, tools, and frameworks. Our approach drives value and measurable results aligned with our customers’ goals.

Salient CRGT offers our customers innovative financial management expertise and support services. We offer qualified subject matter experts to provide Enterprise Resource Planning services, and administrative and accounting support at all levels within your organization’s Financial Services function. We apply federal, and industry-approved, standard financial and accounting methods designed to promote integrity and improve productivity across financial, business, and administrative systems.

We identify and address technical and functional financial management problems to pinpoint a customer’s financial risk areas. We analyze your organization’s financial statements and fiscal audits, and provide tailored financial management and business services to improve effectiveness and management control.

We build upon existing legacy systems to facilitate short- and long-range financial planning, improve financial audits, promote transparency for the creation of financial statements, strengthen accountability reporting, and improve the integrity of financial management systems information.

Accounting, Finance and Fiscal Services Support

Based on your organization’s short- and long-term goals, within a defined time frame, scope, and budget, Salient CRGT develops a tailored financial management support services plan to address your challenges and objectives. Our plan will address financial standard operating procedures, systems reporting, post-audit, and fiscal year-end, financial statement material weaknesses. Our customer-centered FMS strategic engagements incorporate technology evaluation, strategic roadmap, readiness assessment, and establishment of a big data and business analytics framework.

For our government customers, we have several GSA schedules that will streamline the purchase process.

GSA Professional Services Schedule PSS (SIN 520)

GSA has merged a number of service related schedules into one to create the Consolidated Schedule (Professional Services Schedule). The Consolidated Schedule is a compilation of many of the individual professional services schedules maintained by various acquisition centers. The Consolidated Schedule offers one comprehensive tool to use on a task requiring the expertise of more than one service Schedule. For additional information please visit

SIN 520

This schedule provides an easy alternative to agency specific ID/IQ contracts and most closely mirrors commercial buying practices. Using SIN 520 as a tool we are able to discover, understand, and validate requirements and then implement effective financial solutions resulting in value added support and significant cost savings.

SIN 520-11 Accounting

We perform transaction analysis and processing, and data analysis and summarization. We provide technical assistance in devising new or revised accounting policies and procedures, classifying accounting transactions, and special studies to improve accounting operations.

Complementary Financial Management Services

Our services include assessing and improving financial management systems, financial reporting and analysis, strategic budget and financial planning, financial policy formulation and development. We devise and implement performance measures, conduct special cost studies, perform actuarial services, perform economic and regulatory analysis, assist with financial quality assurance efforts, perform benchmarking.

SIN 520-13 Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services

Salient CRGT offers services that agencies identify as recurring commercial activities which may include billing, payroll processing, application processing, claim processing, grant application management, loan application management, inventory management, and other financial management activities.

SIN 520-15 & SIN 520-21 Program Management Services

Manage financial and business solutions programs and projects tasks. Salient CRGT has direct experience supporting CFOs and their Federal Government customer organizations. We offer subject matter expertise through consultants who work with you to create customized customer service plans and documented financial solutions to solve your business problems. Our ability to discover, understand, and validate requirements and then implement effective solutions results in value added support and significant cost savings.

FMS ERP (Oracle Financial or SAP) Support

Salient CRGT provides services to help agencies successfully implement FMS ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle Financials’ suite of products. These application suites can address finance, human resources, citizen relationship management and other functional needs throughout an enterprise. Salient CRGT is prepared to assist at every stage of the FMS ERP integration process beginning at assessment and selecting the software suite that best suits your organization’s needs and objectives. We work with your organization during each step of this process including configuration, testing, implementation, and operations and maintenance with the goal of minimizing sustainment costs.

Financial Systems IT Support

Often financial services systems or applications have need for underlying IT-related services such as Agile software development, configuration management, data conversion, implementation analysis, reports development, or production support, as examples. Salient CRGT works with our customers to consider innovative approaches for these tasks that serve as operational underpinnings.

We will actively recommend streamlining initiatives, multi-year cost savings plans, and project management activities that can reduce cost while increasing productivity. Salient CRGT considers program and project constraints, human capital, processes and procedures, reporting standards, and work-trend analysis to create a new operating paradigm that will meet your organization’s needs throughout the engagement and beyond.