Salient CRGT is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure services worldwide. Whether in austere overseas combat environments or on mission-critical infrastructure projects, we consistently deliver exceptional services to our customers that changes the way you communicate and conduct business.

We are committed to providing innovative, purpose-built collaborative telecommunications systems tailored to meet our customers’ needs and deliver unsurpassed excellence. We bring a flexible and agile technical approach which has proven time and time again to our customers that we are a partner they can trust and rely on for continued, uninterrupted, high-quality support.

Mission Driven

We understand that you need broader communications coverage, immediate access to data, and higher transmission speeds. Salient CRGT leads the way in providing more efficient, reliable, and intelligent deployment solutions. We ensure our telecommunications services in critical mission environments meet rigorous standards of performance. Our extensive experience can help you get the job done, minimize risk, and ensure readiness for the future, even in the most demanding 24/7 environments.

Dependable Service

Your network is our top priority. Customers depend on us to ensure their networks remain up and running even in the event of unforeseen problems or natural disasters. We provide robust network plans that include continuation of operations planning (COOP), disaster recovery, and around-the-clock coverage, providing state-of-the-art technology to monitor and proactively detect and prevent potential hazards that can interrupt operations.

We know that success is defined in terms of availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance, security, and flexibility to supporting our nation’s critical networks. We deliver the most flexible, cost-effective telecommunications services and expertise to our customers.

Proven Performance

Salient CRGT has designed, installed, and supported systems for the Department of Defense and its related agencies; every branch of the U.S. military, including the Special Operations Community; leading research universities; and top Fortune 500 companies. From the control room to the boardroom, our telecommunications infrastructure services and solutions empower customers to address emerging challenges, collaborate more fluidly, and make better decisions.

We Deliver

  • Research and development services for the most complex worldwide network designs and implementation using the latest transport technologies
  • A full range of telecommunications support including voice and VOIP, data to include graphics, video, and multimedia with administrative support
  • Integrated, high-bandwidth information transport systems for future unified communications (UC) requirements that meet industry standards and regulations
  • Exceptionally qualified and certified engineers that increase performance on mission-critical systems to meet or exceed the your requirements
  • Mission-critical reliability, resilience, and operational readiness of your systems, 24/7