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Transforming healthcare organizations and unlocking new sources of value, Salient CRGT provides end-to-end health analytics solutions, applying leading edge analytics techniques and large-scale health domain expertise to solve your organization’s challenges.

Challenges Facing Health IT

Salient CRGT’s Melissa Chapman appears on Washington DC News Channel 8’s “Government Matters” with host Francis Rose discussing broad challenges facing the health IT exchange landscape, roadblocks to interoperability, and how the HHS’s work will contribute to better outcomes.

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Salient CRGT accelerates your data analytics projects through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach called HealthAccel™. This approach was designed to help jump-start your health organization’s journey towards a modern, data-driven environment. It includes three specific areas of focus described below:


Health Analytics Framework

Salient CRGT’s Health Analytics Framework was created for the specific purpose of guiding our teams and our clients toward a standard, efficient process for successful analytics projects. Through over 450 data analytics implementations, this framework has been proven and refined over time, ensuring successful technical implementations while remaining focused on your agency’s business mission.

Health Analytics Companion

Salient CRGT’s Health Analytics Companion includes a comprehensive library of guidelines, templates, and best practices for Health Analytics projects that support moving towards advanced health analytics. There are over 500 artifacts in this library, all of which have been created specifically for real analytics projects over the past decade. In addition, this Companion includes access to over 100 health domain subject matter experts available for your analytics projects. Our health domain coverage includes clinicians, epidemiologists, medical doctors, biostatisticians, regulatory experts, behavioral health experts, chemists, health administrators, and more.

Health Analytics Accelerators

Health organizations are in a continuous state of ever-increasing data. Through agile-focused iterations, Salient CRGT’s Health Analytics Accelerators allow customers to envision what is possible with modern analytics techniques and to quickly begin to reap the benefits of that data. Customized for your specific organization’s challenges and built in Salient CRGT’s Data Analytics Innovation Center, these accelerators leverage modern technologies and help agencies overcome the limitations of legacy data environments.

Thought Leadership

Ian Graham, VP Data Analytics
Ian Graham is an information technology professional with a proven 20-year background in leading large-scale, high-profile analytics initiatives. As a growth leader and one of the creators of HealthAccel™, Ian focuses on identifying and delivering high impact data analytics solutions to federal agencies such as FDA, NIH, EPA, DOT, CMS, and others. ►Learn More

Melissa Chapman, VP Health IT Business Development
As the former HHS CIO and former acting CIO for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Melissa Chapman leads strategy and growth in Salient CRGT’s Health IT market segment. Her unique understanding of customers’ needs is influenced by her experience leading a number of successful government and private-sector projects—many of which have had lasting impact on the U.S. healthcare system. ►Learn More

Cindy Walker, VP Data Analytics Innovations Center
Cindy Walker is an innovator who helps federal agencies exploit data to continually improve performance, reduce risks, and increase efficiencies. A thought leader in data analytics, Cindy delivers game-changing, mission-impactful, advanced analytics and big data solutions. She has over 25 years of experience addressing federal government challenges. ►Learn More


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