Mobility Adoption Planning

Mobile computing implementation planning is not simple–early decisions impact long-term success and costs

Your organization’s employees and stakeholders must be able to access their work products and information from anywhere, anytime. Your organization is expected to provide reliable, secure mobile access across the enterprise.

At Salient CRGT, we consider how mobile computing complements your organization’s strategy and achievement of objectives. This effort can be a significant change management endeavor. There are many critical factors that affect this key decision. These factors must be defined, and include questions such as:

  • What types of devices will your organization support now and into the future?
  • Who are your users and what are their needs?
  • What do you ultimately expect to achieve from your mobility effort?
  • How will you manage and enforce security balanced against privacy?
  • How easily and through what means will your business and customers adopt your mobility goals?

We analyze the factors impacting your organization’s mobility requirements and determine which approach and platforms will provide the best return on your mobility investment, in the short- and long-term.

Mobile Adoption

It may be appropriate to develop an initial ‘proof of concept’ to demonstrate the benefits of mobility and to determine with a small group of users how such an effort will be implemented and sustained. It also allows us to apply User Experience (UX) practices to the design–giving end users the best experience possible, no matter what the type of mobile device.

We will assist you in preparing a mobile adoption plan. We will map the migration of existing applications to a mobility platform, as well as plan the incorporation of new functionality.

We will work with your organization at every decision and step to make sure your mobile computing strategy and implementation create a more productive and revenue generating environment.