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Case Study: Mobile Workflow Capability


Managers and employees work from remote locations in ever-increasing numbers. This physical separation from their workplaces can cause significant delays for administrative approvals such as application log-in access, travel requests, travel vouchers, routine purchases, and necessary application software changes.

The larger the organization, the more requests a manager may receive. Obtaining approvals within a reasonable timeframe presents a significant challenge to efficient operations. A single request might require multiple approvers to review and act. Managers may have to log into multiple application systems. Inability to access these application systems in a timely manner may significantly delay approvals and adversely impact productivity.

The Challenge

A large federal organization requested that Salient CRGT devise a mobile solution to consolidate and present employee requests for management action and approvals in a timely manner.

The Solution

Using an Agile methodology, we developed and implemented a mobile, integrated management approval capability that collects pending approval requests from multiple sources in real time.

The mobile application then consolidates and presents all of a manager’s real-time approval requests, using a unified presentation screen on the mobile device. Management can now approve or deny a variety of requests at any time or place. This application operates on multiple mobile platforms.

The Impact

Our integrated mobile application aggregates and processes thousands of approval actions daily, supporting thousands of users across multiple levels of this nation-wide organization. By reducing bottlenecks in the previous approval process, and consolidating user’s actions in one folder, this approval application capability is a significant tool for enhancing management performance and reducing operating costs.