Ensuring safety and physical security at customer facilities are of paramount importance. Agency buildings, campuses, and metro-area facilities must be safe for employees.

Case Study: Mobility Improves Security at 32,000 Facilities


A national organization that has over 32,000 facilities across the United States must ensure the safety and security of their buildings and facilities. Employee-led teams conduct safety and security risk surveys of these sites on a regular basis.

The Challenge

This survey process relied upon use of paper forms, which in turn required the manual entry of data, when the employees return to their respective offices, into a vulnerabilities and risk assessment tool (VRAT) online application. This manual data conversion process was untimely, cumbersome, and prone to making errors, which increased the possibility that a risk factor for a given facility would not be properly considered.

The Solution

Salient CRGT eliminated paper-based data capture by developing a fully automated, mobile survey capability into a single application. Users now download blank survey forms to their mobile devices, perform data collection in real-time at each facility, and upload the electronic forms upon completion directly to the enterprise server.

This mobile application capability allows inspectors to employ mobile devices within a secure network to collect, process, and protect sensitive safety and vulnerability data. The mobile VRAT application enables faster reporting of this information, which in turn facilitates risk mitigation that might affect the well-being of the organization’s employees.

The Impact

Productivity of the safety inspectors conducting the surveys has increased significantly through the elimination of paper and manual data entry. Our mobile VRAT application allows the customer’s entire organization to more effectively ensure the safety and security of its employees and facilities.