Mobility Deployment Engineering

Salient CRGT’s mobility services framework provides a foundation, roadmap, and management plan designed to get your mobile strategy up-to-speed quickly–and flexible enough to grow as your needs evolve.

The deployment of a mobility program requires careful thought and planning. There are a myriad of factors to consider, including security, 24/7 access, network infrastructure issues, testing, help desk support, disaster recovery, and more. Your organization must determine how it will structure its mobile computing infrastructure and distribute the new functionality to multiple technology platforms.

Salient CRGT has extensive experience in the deployment of major mobile applications. Based upon your organization’s identified users and business objectives, we define appropriate methods of deploying mobile functionality, whether through your own infrastructure or the cloud.

Internal Mobility Programs

If the mobility program is internal, for your employees only, you must decide how to acquire and enable the devices, register users, define usage policies, and distribute and update mobile applications. You must also implement an effective layer of security for your devices, applications, and data.

External Mobility Programs

For external mobility access, your organization must decide how it will publicize its new mobile device support capability, handle customer support issues, provide updates and patches for mobile applications and ensure the security of customer information.

We can assist you in the internal and external deployment and tracking of mobile devices, application software deployment and updates, customer service, training, and security incident response. We will provide you with a deployment roadmap unique to each implementation that leads to mobility success.