Mobility Innovation Center

Salient CRGT brings the knowledge, expertise, and a proven rapid development toolset together to create engaging multi-platform mobile applications that unlock your organization’s back office and make your data available in the field where users can actually use it.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our thought leaders have a deep understanding of mobile development tools and platforms used to build native, web, or hybrid applications compatible on mobile devices. Salient CRGT’s Mobility Innovation Center has extensive experience in the development of mobile applications for a diverse set of customers, including law enforcement. Our experts are well-informed on emerging mobile technologies, development practices and tools, and newly identified security risks involved in deploying mobile technologies. They are empowered to deliver innovative solutions to help our customers deliver and receive digital information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Benefits for Our Customers

  • Reduced development time–we expedite mobile development through the use of our preexisting platforms
  • Expedited transformation–by leveraging our Voyager architecture and integrated frameworks, we assist our customers with quickly achieving the value of mobile anytime, anywhere access
  • Improved user experience–a consistent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to ensure high levels of adoption and user satisfaction
  • Strengthened security–years of experience with developing and supporting standardized governance, monitoring, and managing mobile devices and applications

Thought Leadership

Martin GillespieMr. Martin Gillespie provides unique, strategically focused mobility solutions across Salient CRGT’s expanding customer base. Mr. Gillespie is a thought leader in the mobile community and has been building innovative mobile application software since 1990. Mr. Gillespie helps our customers tap into market-leading mobile solutions that provide greater efficiencies which ultimately benefit their users.



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