Mobility Operations and Maintenance

Salient CRGT’s mobility services framework provides a foundation, roadmap, and management plan designed to get your mobile strategy up-to-speed quickly–and flexible enough to grow as your needs evolve.

Mobile computing is a challenging and constantly evolving activity across an enterprise. Your organization’s priorities, technology device platforms, security challenges, and stakeholder and information access demands are continuously changing.

A mobile device deployment will be successful only if it is operated and maintained at the highest levels of availability. Having a level of operational effectiveness will enhance your organization’s productivity and effectiveness. Operating and maintaining an effective mobile computing capability requires the same level of diligence necessary for the operation and maintenance of an organization’s network infrastructure, databases, and software applications. This means that:

  • Hosting capability must be provided and maintained
  • Applications must be securely deployed with required updates developed and pushed in a timely manner to mobile devices
  • Monitoring must be implemented to ensure that all application systems remain available and that they provide expected performance on multiple device types across multiple technology platforms

To successfully operate and maintain your organization’s mobile infrastructure, we work with both internal and external hosting providers. We provide complete operational support for your mobile applications.

Using appropriate monitoring tools, we identify problems and deploy updates to correct them before they are evident to users. We provide ongoing mobile customer support for a small-scale mobility system to large-scale deployments that involve tens of thousands of users.