Intelligence Training Solutions

Salient CRGT teams with U.S. and foreign military and industry personnel to deliver the right training at the right place and the right time.

Salient CRGT is helping the U.S. government strengthen our nation’s security by training personnel to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information and products.

We provide expert, highly-classified instruction in multi-disciplined intelligence environments, supporting various types of clandestine operations. Our intelligence training personnel provide an integrated learning experience, combining classroom instruction with live field exercises to simulate real-world intensity. We ensure students are individually proficient. Our proven trainers serve as instructors, mentors, role players, and counselors as they prepare essential personnel for missions of high national importance.

Our success is predicated on real world experience utilizing “lessons learned” to train the intelligence disciplines and their operational cycles.

Our training intelligence solutions include:

  • Platform instruction
  • Role playing
  • Live field exercises
  • Lesson plan development
  • Curriculum/Courseware development

We are dedicated to the mission of training intelligence professionals to be able to uncover, ascertain, and neutralize security threats facing our nation in this global age.

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