User Experience Design

Salient CRGT’s user experience design methodology maximizes value while minimizing effort.

Maximize Value, Minimize Effort

The Salient CRGT User Experience (UX) practice deploys the best of user experience research, design and analytics methodologies to maximize value by meeting user needs and minimize expensive development effort by reducing post-release rework.

UX Means…UX Lifecycle

  • Understanding users. Research their needs, wants, and expectations.
  • Designing for users. Tailor the application to their needs and expectations.
  • Testing with real users. Test early and often to confirm that the solution meets usability and project goals.
  • Repeat.

Better User Experiences Result In…

  • Employee productivity. Simple, effective interfaces make users more efficient in completing tasks.
  • Decreased help desk demands. Easier-to-use applications have fewer users requesting help.
  • Less training. Intuitive applications take less time and effort to learn.
  • Higher conversion rates. Great usability and user experiences encourage continued usage, loyalty, and trust.
  • Less rework. Approximately 50% of a programmer’s time is spent doing avoidable rework. Many teams receive end-user feedback only after final deployment, leading to changes and enhancements. Testing designs with users before development begins mitigates this expense.
  • User satisfaction. Applications which are satisfying and enjoyable have wider acceptance than those that are confusing or frustrating.
  • Renewed projects. Improving applications based on changing user expectations prevents software obsolescence.

What We Do

Our UX services include expert reviews and consultation, design recommendations, analysis of user behavior, and application development. We capture and assess real usage data providing an on-going view of user behavior and needs.

We offer tiered service packages to meet your needs in the areas of user testing and research, UX design, and UI development.

  • Research and Usability Testing. UX design focuses on creating products for real users, and to do that, we need to understand who those users are. User research involves interviewing representative users to gain an understanding of expectations and needs. Usability testing allows us to find issues and confirm solutions.
  • Design. Our design can range from wireframing key screens to full design comprehensives. Beyond interface design, we also help you organize and categorize content, and develop your brand’s visual language. We work closely with developers to ensure that the solution is possible and practical.
  • UI Development. We offer full-service software development, and will work with you from initial conception to final delivery and beyond. We also offer Agile development and mobile application development services.

UX and Security

Security requires an understanding of:

  • User needs
  • Organizational and user goals
  • How users interact with a system

A system is a security risk if no one knows how people use the system. If people do not know how to use the system, they are inherently a security risk. UX addresses these needs and ensures that systems are designed securely.

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