Innovation Centers

Our commitment to innovation at Salient CRGT is demonstrated by the establishment of our Innovation Centers, focused on transformative business technologies and processes in Agile development, cyber security, data analytics, and mobility. Staffed with the best and brightest minds, the Innovation Centers work closely with our customers to understand their mission challenges, analyze concepts, test ideas, and recommend the technologies, tools, methodologies, and practices to best address strategic needs.

To foster critical thinking in the development of customer-focused strategic solutions, Salient CRGT invested in a Technology Innovation Laboratory, facilitating concept exploration, prototyping, and testing. In addition, Salient CRGT’s Agile Innovation Center is a purpose-built facility focused on delivering the efficiencies and benefits of Agile development for our customers’ programs.

The Innovation Centers are currently focusing on solutions to today’s organizational priorities; while at the same time evolving our services to address emerging trends, technology changes, and future mission needs.

The Agile Innovation Center accelerates time-to-market, increases productivity, improves quality, reduces project risk, improves project visibility, and inspires engagement. ►Learn More

The Cyber Security Innovation Center explores new technologies, tools, and techniques to protect and secure our customers’ data, systems, infrastructure, and people. ►Learn More

The Data Analytics Innovation Center mines data for business insights and helps customers make faster, fact-based business decisions, mitigate risks, thwart threats, realize operational efficiencies, and drive mission outcomes. ►Learn More

The Mobility Innovation Center examines emerging mobile technologies and development tools to deliver a positive user experience and enable individuals to securely perform tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device. ►Learn More

John Edgar leads Salient CRGT’s Innovation Centers as Senior Vice President, Chief Strategist for IT Transformation. Mr. Edgar’s leadership will ensure Salient CRGT continues to apply the latest technologies and practices to solving agencies’ complex mission challenges. Before joining Salient CRGT, Mr. Edgar served as Vice President, Information Technology for the United States Postal Service (USPS). There he was responsible for one of the world’s largest corporate technology infrastructures with IT systems operating around the clock to power all USPS business units. Under his leadership, USPS IT provided robust, reliable, secure computing and innovative new services with an agile, lean organization. Mr. Edgar led IT to modernize processes and design new technology solutions to meet the evolving business needs, helping USPS to continue to provide affordable, convenient products and services to all U.S. citizens and customers worldwide.


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