Agile Readiness Center

Salient CRGT has created a culture that enables and supports our Agile development teams in meeting the process, technology, and education challenges of this evolving and growing delivery capability.

To deliver optimal efficiency, Salient CRGT Agile teams start work before the actual contract kickoff. Teams committed to new customers begin to roll-off their current programs and move to Salient CRGT’s Agile Readiness Center (ARC). In the ARC, teams are prepared and tailored for their next assignment.

  • We set up the ARC with the development tools used on the future customer’s program, following where possible, the customer’s SDLC processes. Next, the designated teams are presented a technical challenge to create and build a small working prototype using the customer’s tool stack. This demonstrates the teams’ understand the tool stack and ensures there is no technology learning curve once on-site.
  • Our on-site PM and our Digital Service Innovation Center coaches monitor all teams to ensure they reach sustainable maximum velocity as quickly as possible, while providing high quality code. We compare accepted stories versus planned stories to ensure acceptance criteria and scope are clear. Test coverage (automated and manual) drives towards 100% within each sprint, with a focus on automation at the unit, functional, regression, and performance level.
  • Our goal is no new defects. Several of our project-deployed Agile teams have a 98% or better defect-free code quality record. One team has not deployed a significant defect in three years.

For more information on our Agile capabilities and service offerings, please contact us.