Data Analytics Innovation Center


To make better business decisions and enhance mission outcomes, while also stretching budgets and proactively mitigating risks, enterprises must leverage modern technologies and strategies to extract future-facing, actionable insights faster from a constantly changing and expanding data landscape. The Data Analytics Innovation Center experts and thought leaders focus on trends, patterns, technological developments, and innovations to address the challenges our customers face today and to anticipate and plan solutions for the challenges they will face tomorrow.

Unparalleled Commitment to Results

We invest our own resources to develop big data analytics innovations and to prototype analytics solutions (Proof-to-Impact Analytics) that overcome pressing federal government challenges, such as capturing, managing, and effectively utilizing voluminous and sensitive health data. As a result, Salient CRGT can demonstrate compelling evidence of mission enhancements and high return on investment for analytics solutions before customers invest a single dollar in our services.

Benefits for Our Customers

  • No-cost proof of value–free, custom prototypes provide empirical proof that our solutions address specific mission challenges and requirements
  • Quick wins with minimal up-front investment–Agile analytics delivery provides immediate answers to burning mission questions while iteratively maturing enterprise-wide analytics capabilities within established budget limits
  • No need for hordes of data scientists–focus on self-service analytics solutions transforming existing staff of analysts into big data analytics experts
  • No technical debt–use-based, cloud analytics service offerings enable the exploitation of evolving technologies easily and pay for just what you need

Thought Leadership

Salient CRGT’s thought leaders are foremost data analytics authorities and influencers in the federal space, experienced in collaboratively identifying, developing, and implementing innovative critical analytics solutions. Our Data Analytics Innovation Center envisions and cultivates analytics solutions, driving mission results for our customers. They collaborate through a focused community of interest to create thought-provoking solutions for our customers. They leverage Salient CRGT’s more than 350 dedicated data analytics professionals, extensive business intelligence, analytics, and big data experience, and our Big Data and Analytics Laboratory. As thought leaders, their expertise is routinely recognized and shared through published articles, speaking engagements, and collaboration in industry forums.

Cindy WalkerCindy Walker is an innovator who helps federal agencies exploit data to continually improve performance, reduce risks, and increase efficiencies. A thought leader in Data Analytics, Cindy delivers game-changing, mission-impactful, advanced analytics and big data solutions. She has over 25 years of experience addressing Federal Government challenges and has served as Strategic Advisor and Architect guiding enterprise transformation, knowledge management, enterprise data management, and information sharing efforts across the Federal market. She shares her ideas and insights as a frequent speaker and trainer at national and international data conferences and workshops, and is an author of numerous articles, blogs, op-eds, and white papers.