Digital Service Innovation Center

The Digital Service Innovation Center identifies and captures mission value for our customers through modern software development practices and technologies. It is the home of the Agile Software Development, DevOps, and User Experience (UX) Practices at Salient CRGT.

Digital transformation is the next wave of intelligent, user centric, responsive, and enabling technological advancement in both commercial and government organizations. Computing power is now available at user’s finger-tips, it is mobile, and it is deeply connected to data and internet resources. It is no longer sufficient to convert paper processes to pdf forms, or to provide static print-ready reports. Digital users are mobile, expect systems to be smart and aware of context. All of this leads to new approaches to software design, development, and delivery.

Unparalleled Commitment to Results

Salient CRGT not only recognizes these trends but embraces them by investing in the Digital Service Innovation Center to provide leadership to the company as we address the changing needs of our customers. Housed in the Digital Service Innovation Center are three practices. These three pillars of modern digital software support a culture of innovation, transparency, and growth for the company while delivering the highest value to our customers.

Benefits for Our Customers

Our mission is to engage with our customers to identify and solve their biggest digital transformation and modernization problems. We also engage across Salient CRGT to bring best practices, training, and innovation (such as hackathons and our annual Innovation Challenge) to our business unit staff, preparing them to excel in delivering mission value to their customer programs.

For more information on our Agile or DevOps capabilities and service offerings, please contact us. We are happy to give tours of our facilities and innovations.