Inspired by our customers’ missions, our primary customer base is the U.S. Federal IT market, one that is well understood by our leadership team. Salient CRGT has a strategic focus on supporting high priority, high growth initiatives in the areas of defense and intelligence, federal civilian, health, special operations, and commercial business.

How companies use information technology is a key source in competitive advantage for many commercial industries. Companies of all sizes realize they need to align IT efforts with their business goals to create value.  In today’s ever-changing marketplace, you need a partner who is dedicated to making the most of your valuable IT resources, delivering on time and within budget.

Solving Our Customers’ Challenges through Quality Solutions

Salient CRGT’s commercial group is committed to delivering quality technology solutions that accelerate business results. We specialize in services that provide immediate impact to your organization, while looking to the future to maximize your technology investments.

The combination of our team’s industry knowledge and vast technical expertise create comprehensive, value-added solutions that bring both the business and technical sides of an organization together—achieving your business strategies and making the most of IT dollars.  More importantly, our solutions are customized to you. We believe in listening to what is unique about you—your pain points, vision, organization—and crafting solutions that ensure your success.

Leveraging Our Capabilities to Support Our Customers

We provide an array of commercial capabilities such as Agile software development, data analytics, DevOps, IT strategy, law enforcement, mobility, project lifecycle support, training and user experience (UX) design. We work with our commercial customers to determine how our capabilities can best serve them and the result has been success in:

  • Mobility Solutions—Enhancing law enforcement through our Voyager™ mobile solutions, which provide front line officers and authorized agencies immediate, secure access to critical criminal justice data over any wireless data network
  • UX Design Implementation—Enabling businesses and enterprises to operate on a mobile platform through implementing UX design practices and establishing a governance framework that ensures mobility technologies align with organizations’ policies, directives, and security
  • Project Lifecycle Support—Providing project lifecycle support through implementing new systems, replacing existing ones, or tailoring software for organizations’ distinct needs
  • Training—Offering training services that focus on guiding organizations through how to operate a virtual work environment and tailor it to their specific business needs

We take great pride in supporting our customers’ missions. Our disciplined, rigorous management approach, allows us to empower our customers to move with greater agility and produce the measurable improvements needed to succeed. To start the dialogue, please contact us.