Insurance Customers

By listening to our customers first, we create lasting collaborative partnerships that progressively generate achieved business goals and increased competitive advantage.

Our customers’ needs may differ, yet the level of service we provide remains unchanged. Salient CRGT’s committed team consistently delivers solutions to ensure our customers’ major business issues are resolved; all while increasing value across their companies. We have been privileged to work with some exceptional companies and organizations.

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“Many years ago, we decided that the best move for our organization was to develop a web presence. We were starting from scratch in this effort. At the time we were working with Salient CRGT on our system needs. Salient CRGT was able to assist us in putting together a website that worked in concert with our existing policy/claims administration software. They continued to work with us for several years adding enhancements; allowing us to accept online payments from customers, EFT commission payments to agents as well as allowing agents to look up specific policies and review data on each. We were able to add the ability to apply for coverage, make coverage changes, and cancel policies.We went from everything done via hard copy, to the majority of our work being done on line, digitally. We could not have made this happen without Salient CRGT’s assistance. Salient CRGT’s work brought our organization into the 21th century and left us in a position that was years ahead of our peers in other states. Some are still trying to catch up.”

– Daniel W. Johnson, Executive Director MN FAIR Plan

“TW’s relationship with Salient CRGT is a productive one- through knowledgeable production system support, an effective core apps replacement selection process and experienced new core apps implementation support. I appreciate Salient CRGT’s direct approach and honest collaboration – making them a key partner in meeting the IT needs of the TW group of companies.”

– Dan Borges, VP/CIO Tuscarora Wayne Group

“The Salient CRGT Team was invaluable in assisting our team to transition from a BPO model to an insourced Enterprise solution. Their skills and dedication to our projects provided a significant contribution to our success. Teamwork is their hallmark as evidenced by their shoulder to shoulder efforts with other team members and vendors.”

– Dan Calarusso, CIO Cypress Insurance Group

“The SCHBSIF’s relationship with the Salient CRGT team was very rewarding. Their ability to understand our needs, manage the project from the initial RFP to the close was exceptional. They were able to ensure responsiveness of all parties to a timely and complete resolution of our issues. I would say they truly under promised and totally over delivered.”

– Jeff Ranew, Administrator South Carolina Home Builders Self Insurance Fund