Department of Defense

Inspired by our customers’ missions, our primary customer base is the U.S. Federal IT market, one that is well understood by our leadership team. Salient CRGT has a strategic focus on supporting high priority, high growth initiatives in the areas of health, federal civilian, Department of Defense, special operations and commercial business.

The nation’s military is currently facing unprecedented challenges. They are working hard to protect America from adversaries–old and new. They are currently fighting bravely on two fronts while standing ready to meet any future challenges. The world is changing rapidly as are the potential threats to our country. That is why a strong, well prepared, nimble, and technically advanced military is more important than ever. Salient CRGT is works closely with the Department of Defense (DoD) to make sure the military has the best tools and information at its disposal to successfully complete their missions.

The challenge is unique in our country’s history as we fight a new kind of war–the global war on terror (GWOT)–while continuing to improve the abilities of our military to successfully fight conventional battles. The DoD, along with men and women serving in the military, devote their lives to protect the American people. This elite group must be able to anticipate uncertainty and move quickly against aggressors. We are proud to provide the services and solutions to support the DoD and their primary mission; to protect our fellow citizens and preserve our freedoms.

We work alongside the DoD to make sure they have the best tools and information at its disposal to safely and successfully complete their missions. We are also proud to deploy with these troops in support of certain missions.

We salute each and every person who is involved in the on-going effort to protect our great country.