State and Local

Inspired by our customers’ missions, our primary customer base is the U.S. Federal IT market, one that is well understood by our leadership team. Salient CRGT has a strategic focus on supporting high priority, high growth initiatives in the areas of federal civilian, state and local, Department of Defense, national security, and commercial business.

The state and local government market is a diverse sector that faces similar challenges to the Federal Government—growing customer service demands, complexity of aging systems, and constant budget constraints to name a few. There is a strong agenda and priority for state and local governments to recognize the value of investment in modernization and innovation. Salient CRGT has the insight to cost effectively accommodate these unique infrastructure needs.

To serve diverse communities across the country, we develop strong partnerships with state agencies, counties, cities, townships and other municipalities. We work hand-in-hand with you to deliver secure, mission-critical IT solutions. Our highly qualified experts produce a quick return on your investment at all government levels.

We provide solutions that integrate the most successful best practices from both the public and private markets, while incorporating our core competencies in IT planning and support, infrastructure, and applications management. Salient CRGT has proven efficiency in stimulating economic success for state and local government agencies.