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Let the IT Modernization Begin

"The need to modernize legacy systems is critical. These systems we built before the array of cyber threat vectors existed and legacy systems are not designed with those threats in mind. We must rebuild them to protect their vital mission and the sensitive data they...

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Building a Knowledge-Centric Culture

This blog was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse. With the speed of technology advances and the demanding workloads of our staff, it is becoming increasingly harder to cultivate and harvest reusable knowledge. We run across valuable knowledge almost every day but...

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Building Compelling Value Stories

This blog was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse. For those of us in service industry, we often live on daily feedback and our personal sense of accomplishment. All too frequently, we forget the big picture. Are we bringing real value to our customers? Are we...

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Programming People

This blog was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse. Many times over the past several years, I have been called “a process guy,” or worse, “the process guy”.  Although it was meant to be positive, I always heard the undertones of “Oh no – more process”.  People seem...

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Know the Three ITSM Metrics That Matter

This blog was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse. Companies utilize information technology (IT) because they believe IT leads to higher productivity. IT improves business outcomes. We are all users of information technology. We know what we want from our own IT...

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