Collaboratively, Salient CRGT Dr. Dorothy Kaplan and her colleagues in the Office of Outcomes and Assessment in the Clinical Affair Division of the Defense Veterans Brian Injury Center (DVBIC) published a paper in the March/April 2018 issue of the The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation (JHTR). The aim of the large retrospective study was to provide mortality outcomes among active duty service members with the diagnosis of penetrating traumatic brain injury (PTBI) following a hospital admission in the military health system

This issue of the JHTR is devoted to traumatic brain injury in the military and marks 25 years for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. Click here to read



Interesting stats that were discovered:
  • Twenty-three percent of the patients diagnosed with PTBI died with 79% of the deaths occurring within 14 days post-admission and 94% within the first month
  • Almost 45% of the fatalities occurred within a day after hospital admission and another 30% occurred in days 2 – 7
  • Time to death was significantly associated with age, year of admission, service, and military rank
  • Race/ethnicity, injury type, and co-morbid conditions did not significantly affect time to death
  • Approximately 50% of the cohort was also diagnosed with a serious co-morbid condition, defined as one of ten conditions with a moderate to high risk of mortality
  • The cause of the PTBI was an accident in 37% of the cohort with 1.6% of the injuries intentionally self-inflicted