Salient CRGT is now part of GovCIO

What We Do

Our technology and mission support services and solutions meet the highest quality standards.

IT Engineering & Operations

We can effectively evolve and operate your IT infrastructure to meet changing requirements and missions, all while achieving the highest possible return on investment. Learn more.

Digital Services

We can strategically support your cultivation of a modern automation or DevSecOps culture, ensuring you enable a strong foundation for your system architecture and software delivery. Learn more.

Cyber Security

We can secure your infrastructure, systems, and data as well as anticipate and respond quickly to protect you from increasingly intense, sophisticated, and dangerous nation state threats. Learn more.

Data Analytics

We can enable artificial intelligence and data-driven decision making across your organization, revolutionizing the delivery of outcomes and the personalization level that citizens’ receive. Learn more.

Consulting & DoD Mission Support

We can provide critical support during normal and contingency operations that goes well beyond IT. We understand your mission and can meet your objectives. Learn more.

Who We Serve

SCRGT, now part of GovCIO, offers over 3 decades of experience serving U.S. Federal Government organizations.

Federal Civilian

We can optimize your ability to deliver citizen-empowering services, control costs, and improve mission performance with our deep domain expertise and best-practice IT solutions.

Federal Health

We can enhance your organization’s ability to deliver personalized support that improves patient care, rapidly respond to global health threats, and enable connected health to empower citizens.

National Security

We can enable quick and effective responses to emergent threats across the conflict spectrum and around the globe with our IT service management, engineering, and cyber security expertise.

Get to Know us

We are the technology services and mission support experts that put responsiveness above all else so federal government organizations can confidently deliver results and achieve success.

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Life at SCRGT, now part of GovernmentCIO,

At SCRGT, now part of GovernmentCIO,, we foster a warm and welcoming work environment. Our team collaborates with kindness, respect, and dedication to achieve success for our customers and ourselves.

What’s New

Stay informed on our new contract wins, industry awards, and more.