Agile Software Development

The Salient CRGT Agile approach is well-defined, repeatable, and scalable—including the very largest projects.

Salient CRGT embraces Agile practices to provide rapid and effective software development while we address customers’ operational needs. Our Agile practices help your organization achieve its business needs more successfully than traditional development methods, which often cannot provide a timely response to constantly changing business environments.

Agile process

Developing the Right Solution for Your Organization

Salient CRGT understands that committing to a particular development approach can be a significant decision. With proper implementation, Agile can lead to substantial cost savings, lower risks, increased transparency, and reduced time to market. We tailor our Agile software development approach to each of our customers.

We bring the right tools, methods, and techniques to each engagement – the breadth of our work spans both federal and commercial settings. Our end-to-end Agile implementation conforms both to your organization’s requirements and to industry best practices. Our approach aligns with CMMI Level 2 and 3 practice areas, which we can also pursue on your behalf. From visioning and process definition to tools and configuration, Salient CRGT can design and implement the development solution that will work best for you.

Salient CRGT’s Agile development teams employ continuous planning, adjustment, and feedback in an iterative development cycle to ensure maximum value throughout development. Our teams work closely with you and your stakeholders to align software with stated business needs, adapting readily to changing requirements. Utilizing DevOps principles ensures development and operational consistency with fewer production errors.

Benefits of Agile Software Development

We believe that Agile should be the first development method considered for any project to quickly meet evolving business requirements. Agile software development principles reduce traditional documentation and administrative steps, use co-located teams, and foster enhanced collaboration resulting in cost savings and rapid delivery of quality products. Salient CRGT’s Agile approach incorporates experienced resources with dedicated team work space and associated technical resources in our Agile Lab to achieve maximum, quality-driven results.

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