Salient CRGT is now part of GovCIO

Consulting & DoD Mission Support

SCRGT, now part of GovCIO’s, responsive experts, high-value solutions, and mission results earn customers’ trust.

Our national security, federal, and civilian customers have mission requirements beyond information technology. In today’s rapidly changing environment, they need industry partners who understand these mission areas and can provide critical support during normal and contingency operations.

Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, is a partner that cares deeply about these missions, thinks creatively to help solve problems, and leads with honesty and responsiveness to get it done. With deep expertise and unmatched responsiveness, we provide a range of consulting and DoD mission support services to our customers across the U.S. government. These include but are not limited to programmatic support services, health care services, training, non-IT Engineering, and logistics support. We believe in empowering our teams to support your mission requirements and, ultimately, your organizational goals and objectives.

As we collaborate to achieve your desired objectives, our team works seamlessly in tandem with yours, with a genuine partnership spirit. We know how important it is to align teams and practices towards a common goal. Our consulting and DoD mission support experts combine a sense of urgency with tailored and agile methods to ensure we maximize your return on investment. We know getting the job done is about way more than staffing.

We’re focused every day on improving how our government customers serve the nation. Our diverse, hard-working teams are empowered to deliver high-value solutions that positively
impact missions and lives.

With talented experts, efficient processes, cost-effective rates, and disciplined financial management, Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, consistently delivers best-value, scalable solutions that meet the highest quality standards and maximize your return on investment. This includes applying the right resources at the right time, drawing from our extensive team of experts, not just those you see every day.

We consistently serve our customers with transparency and integrity, ensuring we earn the trust of all stakeholders.

At Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, we are more than an IT company. We are trainers, curriculum developers, medical professionals, logisticians, mission planners, staff officers, and much more. Our many long-term customer relationships and extensive track record of success make us a trusted partner in delivering your mission results.

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