Salient CRGT is now part of GovCIO

Data Analytics

SCRGT, now part of GovCIO’s, responsive experts, high-value solutions, and mission results earn customers’ trust.

As the private sector expands the state of the possible across the data world, the same technologies and practices are now powering artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making for government customers. The days of navigating multiple systems and clicks to seek out or perform analytics are gone.

Today, predictions and recommendations should appear at each user’s fingertips, empowering decision makers, personalizing the way the public interacts with your services, and revolutionizing the way in which you deliver desired outcomes. Intelligence should, and now can, be ubiquitous across all of your business flows.
Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, works with customers to assess available technologies, data sources and stores, and find innovative ways to achieve desired outcomes. We continually tap into our network of talent so that you can benefit from decades of applied experience delivering high-value data analytics solutions across our defense, health, and civilian customers.

    Our curiosity and creativity enable us to dig deeper, push boundaries, and develop smart ideas that maximize value, driving us to do more than other technology service providers to ensure outstanding results. 

    We start by immersing ourselves in understanding your mission and exactly what knowledge drives your critical requirements. Recognizing that decisions are only as good as the underlying data, we then create policies and standards for your enterprise to ensure data is accurate, complete, and timely. These include execution of master data management, data profiling, metadata management, and data governance activities.

    Our experts recommend and implement business intelligence tools and practices that help you anticipate and respond quickly and effectively to emerging needs and shifting priorities. We enable citizen-first services using chatbots to complete transactions within government websites so that you can provide citizens with online self-referral and screening as well as guidance to services based on their needs and eligibility.

    Together, we will support you in harnessing oceans of data to provide just in time, targeted, decision assistance for all users.

    Your Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, team will unify data processing with artificial intelligence technologies, by building data pipelines, or synchronizing data sources across your existing data storage systems to achieve rapid results. We’ll engineer data warehousing solutions to bring together silos of data into a single, reliable source enabling more effective reporting, dashboards, geospatial displays, and advanced data visualizations.
    Whatever your data analytics needs, we are relentless in our commitment to continually earn your trust with the responsiveness and expertise that drives decisions.

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