Salient CRGT is now part of GovCIO

Digital Services

SCRGT, now part of GovCIO’s, responsive experts, high-value solutions, and mission results earn customers’ trust.

With the right digital services experts, it’s easier than ever to respond and adapt to changing mission requirements as advances in DevSecOps and software development automation achieve broader acceptance across the federal government.

While the desired end-state is often clear, the journey is seldom the same for each of our customers. Your portfolio of systems may still contain older technologies and environments that are essential for your day-to-day business. You may oversee a diverse set of contracts and tools as well as work across teams with varying degrees of technical maturity.

With our digital services expertise, you can deploy software on or ahead of schedule and support users with products that are intuitive, improve productivity, and work right the first time.

As we collaborate to achieve your desired objectives, we work with a genuine spirit of partnership and seamlessly in tandem with you. We know how important it is to align teams, technologies, and practices towards a common goal. Our teams excel at cultivating a modern automation or DevSecOps culture – and are empowered to make smart decisions, explore innovative ideas, and take positive action. We’re also adept at applying the right resources at the right time — not just those you see every day. This includes tapping into our team of Innovation Center experts, who support the advanced decision making needed to build a strong foundation for your system architecture and software delivery pipeline.

We have federal experience ranging from mainframe modernization, to on-premise applications, to the latest cloud-enabled microservices-based solutions.

Our savvy experts work with you to determine priorities, plan for the highest-value automation first, and get started quickly. With our Innovation Center lab environments, we prepare rapid pilots to validate recommended improvements to automation or current practices at negligible risk and without incurring exploratory costs. We also leverage our strategic partnerships with a select set of digital services game changers to deliver even more benefits to our customers, such as a no-code automated testing alternative that can achieve 100% automated test coverage of your applications in weeks versus months.

With Salient CRGT, now part of GovCIO, you can be confident you’ll get the top-notch digital expertise to ensure mission success.

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