Public Safety & Law Enforcement Products

Technology has changed the way public safety and law enforcement agencies operate. Innovative advances in technology can greatly improve first responders’ duties. Mobile technologies function as force multipliers that improve efficiency, effectiveness, and citizen safety.

Technology plays an important role in Law Enforcement today. An officer’s front-line duty can be positively affected by new and evolving technologies tuned for this complex environment. Our suite of Voyager software solutions meets these advances head-on by moving control and access to vital information directly into the hands of the officer. From accessing Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) and NCIC, completing Victim Notification forms, or full situational awareness of all agency personnel, we have a solution. This collection of specific law enforcement applications enables agencies to support their missions with real-time, innovative, cost-efficient solutions.

We Deliver

Salient CRGT delivers a high-quality, consumer-grade user experience through an enterprise-grade solution. Our solutions are developed following the disciplined Agile development process where we are engaged with our customers every day to ensure complete customer satisfaction and customer success.

High Speed – Low Cost

Voyager Mobility Solutions are designed to run at the highest possible speed over all IP-based Public or Private wireless networks without the need for additional middleware. Solutions can be deployed to run on dedicated or shared servers (Cloud), based on IT management and budget requirements.

Salient CRGT has developed the following mobile solutions to answer specific public safety and law enforcement customer needs:

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