Situational awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend critical elements of information about what is happening around you. Voyager CommandTRACKER brings together multiple sensors to provide you with a real-time view of your assets.

Voyager™ CommandTRACKER is a flexible and easy-to-implement personnel incident and asset management system for GPS-enabled radios. It is designed to provide situational awareness wherever mobile users are deployed, whether in vehicles or on foot. The solution provides command staff, communications specialists, and emergency operations managers with an enhanced geospatial view of resources and assets.

Voyager CommandTRACKER provides a real-time view of your most important assets to significantly increase decision-making capabilities by providing:

  • Personnel location–View and track personnel and mechanical assets on a web-based map
  • Real-time incident management–Manage personnel at incidents or events across multiple locations with command and control of multi-stakeholder teams, including “mutual aid” environments
  • Share position data with other systems–Integration of third-party GPS devices to other existing applications or systems
  • Geo-fencing–“Always On” geo-fencing alerts and notifications triggered as assets enter or leave defined areasbuilding blueprint/image integration with map data for enhanced management

Full Featured Command and Control Capability

Voyager CommandTRACKER is a feature-rich solution with substantial GPS tracking and incident management controls resident within the application. It allows for a broad range of functions including:

  • Real-time tracking–Variable and configurable GPS refresh modes with immediate location updating
  • Customizable groups–Standardized and pre-configured or ad-hoc group creation for “on the fly” events and incidents
  • Geo-fencing alerts and notifications–Event-driven and pre-planned geo-fencing capability with configurable alerts and notifications
  • Playback–Breadcrumb trails, and logged history for investigations, reports, and training optimization

Interoperable and Extensible Platform Design

The Voyager CommandTRACKER suite employs service-oriented architecture (SOA) and supports web services for maximum interoperability with other systems through the Voyager CommandTRACKER Location Server. ESRI-based mapping systems are supported by default and the platform can integrate with virtually any other mapping data source. This allows your organization to leverage investments and operational knowledge of existing GIS systems for an enhanced geospatial view of assets and resources.

Configured for the Mission

Voyager CommandTRACKER has already been deployed to support the following missions:

  • Military/DoD force protection
  • Base/Installation operations and range control
  • Border protection
  • Emergency services
  • Public safety
  • Police and security operations


Voyager CommandTRACKER is a customizable, easy-to-use solution designed to meet the varying location tracking and management needs of different organizations. Its flexibility and configurable design allow for support of varying missions for small or large organizations that want to manage GPS tagged assets or personnel.

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