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FBI Information Technology SSS (ITSSS)

SCRGT, now part of GovernmentCIO, optimizes contract performance with disciplined program management, cost-effective rates, and scalable resources.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (ITSSS) is a GSA Schedule 70 BPA that supports the agency’s mission and daily operations through a wide variety of IT projects and programs. The Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) ITSSS contract, the largest in the bureau’s history, is available for use throughout the Justice Department.

The FBI establishes and manages a large number of IT projects and programs varying in scope and complexity in support of its mission and daily operations. These include technical services, as well as development projects and programs. In spite of the ever-changing IT environment that proves difficult to stay ahead of, the FBI recognizes it requires the right Information Technology services to achieve its mission. The ITSSS vehicle streamlines processes and provides expedited delivery of IT supplies and services.

The ITSSS contract establishes a mechanism for providing contractor expertise to resolve problems by developing solutions that help the FBI continue focusing on and achieving its mission. Salient Federal Solutions will continue to work with the FBI to identify key solutions to address Department of Justice (DOJ) technology issues. Salient Federal Solutions has a team of subject matter experts across our diverse and robust services and product portfolio to lead the effort in supporting the goals of the ITSSS contract.

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