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HHS NGITS Engineering BPA

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HHS NGITS Engineering BPA


Contract Name: NGITS Engineering BPA
Contract Number: HHSP233201800022B
Period of Performance: 3/12/2018 – 4/2/2026



The HHS Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) supports the HHS mission by leading the development and implementation of an enterprise information technology (IT) infrastructure across HHS. The HHS OCIO Office of Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations (ITIO) is responsible for providing a reliable, cost effective, scalable, secure, and flexible enterprise computing platform that supports and enhances customer IT needs and capabilities from requirements gathering through design, development, testing, and implementation. Under the Next Generation IT Services (NGITS) Program ITIO has established four separate Blanket Service Agreement (BPA) contracts with industry partners to perform these responsibilities: 1) Engineering; 2) Operations; 3) Application Hosting; and 4) Program Management and Task Order Integration. Salient CRGT, now part of GovernmentCIO, holds the NGITS Engineering BPA as a Prime contractor and is also a subcontractor on the NGITS Operations BPA (HHHPS32332018000011) and the NGITS Application Hosting BPA (HHSP233201700023B).

Work Scope

Under this BPA we offer personnel and services for the full spectrum of ITIO engineering projects. We promote IT innovation through research and development, studies, and assessments of evolving technologies and industry best practices in endpoint and infrastructure solutions to achieve costs savings and improve support and services to ITIO customers. Specific tasks include: Endpoint Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Email Engineering, Unified Communications, and Collaboration Engineering, Enterprise Mobile Management Engineering, Print Server Engineering, Test Lab Engineering, and Facilities Engineering Support.

Our IT Infrastructure Engineering Expertise and Philosophy

Our team has expertise in end-to-end systems engineering and next generation technology delivery, and we’re experienced in staffing programs with certified resources, reaching back to corporate resources when needed, supporting security certification and accreditation, and handling Tier 3 operations escalation. We embrace opportunities to reduce operational burdens through automation, improved user self-service, and, where possible, replacement technologies that require less operational support – e.g., for the USAF we implemented a self-service solution at more than 400 world-wide locations, resulting in annual savings of $20M. Moreover, we pride ourselves for value-focused engineering – demonstrating, validating, and measuring value to the business throughout the service lifecycle – and what we call the “art of the possible, science of the practical” – rather than provide roadmaps of what may be possible, we provide blueprints of what is practical, taking into account the current infrastructure and budgetary constraints while driving towards incremental technological advancements.